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What's a degree?

A degree is a stage or level of membership. It's also the ceremony by which a man attains that level of membership. There are three, called Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. As you can see, the names are taken from the craft guilds. In the Middle Ages, when a person wanted to join the craft, such as the gold smiths or carpenters or stonemasons, he was first apprenticed. As an apprentice, he learned the tools and skills of the trade. When he had proved his skills, he became a "Fellow of the Craft" (today we would say "Journeyman"), and when he had exceptional ability, he was known as a Master of the Craft.

The degrees are plays in which the candidate participates. Each degree uses symbols to teach, just as plays did in the Middle Ages and as many theatrical productions do today.

The Masonic degrees teach the great lessons of life - the importance of honor and integrity, of being both trusting and trustworthy, of realizing that you have a spiritual nature as well as a physical or animal nature, of the importance of self-control, of knowing how to love and be loved, of knowing how to keep confidential what others tell you so that they can "open up" without fear.

The degrees of masonry are a very personal experience for a brother or candidate and should not be treated lightly. We have to remember that through our uniformity and professionalism we show them that we care about their experience and that we truly want them to be apart of our fraternal organization.

The Importance to each Brother!

Each degree represents a new aspect of masonry and can impress upon a brother or candidate the importance of fellowship and brotherly love. The objective here is to not push a brother or candidate through the degrees of masonry just to get them in, but to give them a personal experience. One that will leave them wanting more, one that will challenge them to seek further light, and want to strive for perfection in masonry.

This is why Pueblo Lodge No.17 is going to strive to improve itself through allowing an initiate to wait for six months or more depending on the impression they give us. Giving this time, it will not only allow us to prepare and practice for the performance of the degree, but it will also allow them time to reflect on whether they have their heart in it. We are bringing back family nights at Pueblo Lodge, and invite all who wish to attend. This will be the perfect time to bring a potential candidate in to visit with brothers and get to know them on a more personal basis. The objective here is to only bring in those who truly want to be apart of the work and are looking to improve themselves as men and citizens of their communities.

As masons we a taught that no man should enter upon any great or important endeavor without first invoking the blessing of god. Let this be a reminder when it comes to providing a person with a petition.

God Bless,